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What Folks Are Saying About… Lupita Nyong’o

The Academy Awards may be over, but the world just can’t get enough of Lupita Nyong’o! Can you blame us? The woman is awesome! Every day, there is a new Lupita Nyong’o interview, article, photo, etc. It’s mostly complimentary, but you know some fools just have to be… foolish.

Any way you look at it, Ms. Nyongo’s is blowing up the internet. Here’s a tiny sampling:

lupita nyongo, any black people, any black people in that

* Even Lupita’s family is impressive. – via NaturallyMoi

* This is supposed to be funny, but I don’t think Jennifer Lawrence is really playing. – via theGrio

* We all want to know what’s next for Lupita. – via Esquire and Ebony

* Some folks are worried that winning an Oscar won’t help Lupita’s career (shut yo’ mouth!) – via NaturallyMoi

* Other folks want to know if Lupita’s fairytale have a happily ever after. – via theDailyBeast

What did Lupita say right after the Oscar’s? -via CocoandCream

* Everybody wants to take selfies with Lupita.- via theGloss

Lupita instagrammin’ with Rhianna. -via Instagram

Lupita shows up with Jared Leto, and the rumors fly! – via theGrio

Lupita shows up with another man on another day, and tongues wag! – via LoveBScott

* Dang, people, how many men can Lupita date? – via theGloss

* Lupita says she’s “Mexi-Kenyan.” - via UrbanDaily 

What Folks Are Saying About Lupita’s Utter Gorgeousness:

Lupita Is Gorgeous And White America Is Stunned. – via XOJane

* Lupita been beautiful. – via PrettyPeriod

Dark-skinned, light skinned. Who’s saying that there can only be one type of Black beauty? -via theroot

* Get Lupita’s look. Well, you can use the same makeup. – via Afrobella

Lupita’s style knows no bounds. – via HuffPost

A video about Lupita from one of my favorite YouTubers, Bronze Goddess.









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